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A digital personality for several years now, Sabina Socol is launching Pujka, a clothing brand for women of today, of right now and for tomorrow. By pursuing a conscious and virtuous model of pieces which, drop by drop, will make up a complete wardrobe, the young entrepreneur wishes to offer a contemporary fashion which slows down time and reasons with the seasons. In this first collection with a 90s feel: silk trousers, a cashmere bodysuit, a silk chiffon wrap... To be true, concrete and real. To be anchored in today's life by highlighting what it offers that is so enjoyable. Sharing when having not been able to do so for the past few months. Creating and therefore revealing oneself openly. Perhaps because the most exposed part of her journey has been happening on the vastness of the digital web, Sabina Socol is happy to present the high-end clothing brand she has always dreamed of. More than imagining it, she has shaped it with her heart, with dedication and thought, and with one major guiding principle in mind: sincerity. Because in order to create Pujka, the brand had to resemble her, and in every way, it had to follow the digital entrepreneur's lifelong convictions. Here are its pillars.


A uniting brand
Together we are stronger. And above all we have more fun. Sabina Socol knows this and the word “Pujka” refers to this. Behind this code name is a mystery game, invented by her friends. This teamwork and the uniting character of a game is what the Pujka adventure is all about: creating a connection.


Still reaching out to a multitude of women

Perhaps because she has spent a large part of her career observing her loyal and cosmopolitan community, Sabina does not intend Pujka to be the archetype of a woman. Despite the categorisations and easy shortcuts, there is no such thing as a single Pujka woman. There are many different Pujka women. That's why the brand is built around pieces that are anything but basic, but that you can... no, that you have to make your own and bring to life, far from a diktat of looks and style. But if we had to label our clothes, it would be as outlets for confidence, as reflections of strong personalities who know where they want to go.


The freedom of hedonism

Pleasure is the driving force behind Sabina's creation and could only be the guiding principle behind a brand that resembles her so much. This is why the brand was built on a simple ambition: to like oneself above all, to dress for the reflection of the mirror rather than for the eyes of others. Because it is in the assurance of one's choices that the most elegant and captivating of beauties arise.


A wardrobe adapted to real life, not to an everyday fantasy.

Because they were imagined by a young woman who has never contemplatively watched the hours go by, Pujka's designs are adapted to our time, its rhythm, its joys and its constraints. They can be those of an urban working girl who breaks the barriers, of a decision maker in silk trousers. Like the looks Sabina has shared for so many years on her social media, the style is sexy and mischievous - a charming innocence, seductive yet not scorching. And while these pieces are made to be everyday allies, they are also precious in many ways. Because the designer couldn't offer something she wouldn't wear herself. Ah yes, sincerity is always at the heart of the matter.


Sustainability at heart.

While the brand wishes to be in tune with its time, it could not build its foundations without thinking about its responsibility for tomorrow. In this collection and those that will follow, the ultra-important notion of sustainability is threefold. Firstly, through its high-end manufacture, which gives it a long-lasting future. Noble materials such as silk, and cashmere, the attention to detail and prestigious finishes, all manufactured within European borders. In its distribution as well, since each drop will present truly limited series to avoid at all costs the slump of overproduction. And lastly, in the design of the pieces, which are imagined by Sabina Socol. As opposed to seasonal crushes, she thinks of them as essentials to be worn season after season.

Picture by Nathaniel Goldberg and text of Louis Bompard.


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