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Let's talk about Pujka. The brand was born in 2021, but it has been several years ago that it existed in the mind of its designer, Sabina Socol. It was by observing around her and drawing inspiration from her own life that she wanted to create Pujka, to offer an ultra feminine, sexy and timeless wardrobe to all women.

Because for her, the woman Pujka is multiple. She is a city, sexy, intellectual, working girl. But above all, she is not afraid to show herself to the world as it is and makes fun of the diktats, a value dear to our designer.

Coming drawing from the Pujka locker room, she will not only have pretty clothes inspired by the favorite vintage parts of Sabina, timeless and beautiful. She will find pieces there to accentuate her individuality, enhance her without locking himself up in the mold.

With its ultra-well-cut wardrobe and made in Europe, Pujka is not there to hide, but to highlight what you are most expensive: yourself.

French brand

Founded in 2021 by Sabina Socol


From € 200 in mainland France


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